Huguet : Andorra’s Absinthe

Absinth Huguet

Andorra is a tiny country perched high in the Pyrenees; it is a popular tourist destination and a tax haven. When absinthe was banned in France in the early part of the 20th century, production started in both Spain and also in Andorra. The Huguet family actually started production of their 68% alcohol absinthe in 1937. As Andorra was neutral during WWII, we understand that production was not interrupted.

This seems to be a macerate, but it is an excellent one, with delicate minty undertones and a well rounded satisfying flavour. The louche is not spectacular, but then the lack of visual display is often sacrificed with these quality herbal macerates.

Thujone is reported to be 5.4mg, which is well within current European Union regulations. Mr Huguet’s distillery is based in Encamp.

An interesting constitutional note is that Andorra is a co-principality with sovereignty shared by The President of France and Spanish Bishops – although a Russian once declared himself Andorran king and was duly arrested in the 1930s!

A aquesta ronda convido jo…Què vols beure ? Absinthe 🙂

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