Lucid Absinthe


A new absinthe called Lucid has been produced by a corporation based in New York. Details are sketchy, but here is what we know so far:

Called Lucid Absinthe Superieure, it’s made from a recipe including Artemisia absinthium, but tests thujone free.

Release date is late May, initially in New York and LA. I spoke to Ted earlier today, and he’s very confident both in the quality of the product, and in his ability to continue producing it with no measurable level of thujone (Source: Oxygenee Blog)

Whether Lucid absinthe has any thujone content is a major issue in the absinthe community. According to Dr Niels Arnold of the University of Kansas pre-ban absinthe had about 260mg/l of thujone.

Thesedays the highest you can find is about 100mg in a natural verte called Century Absinthe – although many mass market modern copies have none at all 😦 Seems that many absinthe drinkers are not hearing the symphony that absinthe drinkers enjoyed in the 19th century, but are just looking at the record label! The debate rages on the web forums and amongst absintheurs.

The issue of thujone in Lucid is also discussed here:

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  1. where can i buy lucid absinthe??

  2. Hi Ann 🙂

    Nobody knows I am afraid! Only journalists have had the pleasure of tasting Lucid so far. I think it is due to be released in the Hamptons NY in June. According to what my American friends tell me, you can order absinthe online (including Mr Breauxs’ Jade range) at various online shops, but not Lucid. If you are interested there are various threads about Lucid on the blog if you click on absintheur above 🙂

    Did you try any other absinthe before?

  3. No I have not tried any absinthe, not in this lifetime anyway. But I am VERY curious about it. I even went out to the Hamptons looking. How to explain this almost-obsession when I’m not even a drinker? I’ll have a nip on a holiday or at a wedding, but that’s about it. Perhaps I’m tapping into some deep, deep memory. Did I mention that I LOVE 1930’s French jazz?

  4. 🙂

    Put some Edith Piaf on the gramaphone and pour yourself a glass. You can buy absinthe online at places like where there a lots to choose from…French, Czech, German, Swiss etc

    Absinthe had it’s heyday from the mid 19th Century until 1915 when it was banned. Hemmingway drank it in Spain (where it was never banned) and it came back via Prague and the UK in the late 1990s.

  5. we are in New Orleans and would like to know if it is possible to buy Lucid or any other absinthe-type here? Hurry – we leave tomorrow!

  6. (memorial day, 2008)i just visited wilburs liquors in fort collins, colo; wilburs sells lucid, kubler and two other brands of absinthe; i’m guessing many other places also sell absinthe; i recently read about a study that concluded that the effects of absinthe can be attributed to its high alcoholic content; i’d like to believe there are more prosaic reasons, so in the interest of science, i’ll see for myself;

  7. You can get it from any liquor store that carries it. Most are carrying it because of the craze for it. I just got a bottle in upstate NY. I have not tried it yet but got it for a guys golfing trip this weekend……

  8. hi

    i’m from germany and can’t find any onlineshop that sells lucid

    do you know one?

  9. Lucid brand Absinthe contains less than 10 ppm of thujone, the narcotic ingredient in real absinthe. It is a waste of time. Find some Kubler or Century 100 brand. That is the real stuff.

  10. Sadly,the buildup for Lucid didn’t match the quality of the product,as I’m sure most readers here are already aware. It tastes vile. That’s about as big a problem as your product can have! I’ve tried some French absinthes distilled for the American market and they are much better-Pernod, for example, or Tres Fluers. Lucid is the first brand I bought and I was so excited that I didn’t notice the brackish aftertaste until after I’d tried some better quality beverages.

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