Absinthe: Kubler in the US

Kubler Absinthe

In the year 1875 one of the most famous absinthe distilleries of Switzerland was founded in the Val de Travers. The great grandson of the founder Yves Kübler revived his family legacy when he purchased premisies and founded the “Distillerie Blackmint” Using an old family recipe, Kübler first created an aniseed aperitif called “La Rincette”. This drink was without the thujone bearing wormood, as real absinthe was still illegal in those days. Kuebler Absinthe was the very first absinthe to be produced after the Swiss lifted the ban on absinthe in 2005.

Kuebler absinthe is soon to be available in the USA! A more tradtional absinthe than Lucid on account of the authentic anise kick and with a real pedigree! This absinthe is white in colour, as is the case with all Swiss Clandestine absinthes, and delivers a spectacular louche – perhaps on account of it’s strong herbal complexity with a strong note of star anise. The reason that Swiss abinsthe is white is due to it’s true underground clandestine roots – it was a means of outwitting the early 20th century absinthe ban! That all changed in 2005 but the tradition lives on:

“French and Swiss absinthes are very different than Czech and other eastern European absinthes,” Moss said. “The main criteria of what makes absinthe is the presence of wormwood and that’s in Hill’s.” Hill’s and many Czech absinthes don’t contain anise, though, a key herb in France’s green absinthes and the clear Swiss brew.

Kuebler, 40, says his original annual production goal of 40,000 bottles was surpassed in four months. Blackmint is moving into bigger markets, exporting to Mexico to take advantage of visitors from the U.S. and to Japan. It is the largest seller of absinthe in Switzerland with more than 90 percent of the market.

Reuters Oct. 11 2005

Now we hear that Kubler absinthe – the original Swiss absinthe – is coming to the USA! Great news for absinthe fans!

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  1. halo.
    i just read inside ‘racket’ magazine, a local mag. here in las vegas, nv.
    and i read the fda gave the thumbs up for legalization.
    my knowledge, and respect of the history.
    i know you guys have been talking to people bout the distributions inside bars in the US, and im in Las Vegas.
    I know i can talk bars into carrying your absinthe.
    let me know your thoughts.
    have a great day.

    -Hamilton chase titus

  2. you should write to these guys: info (at) blackmint.ch

  3. Where can we purchase Kuebler absinthe in the US?

  4. I got a bottle of Kubler Absinth 53% (106 proof), I have to say that it is better than Sebor. Although it is clear, the tast is much finer and smoother, Not harsh or bitter.

    The Sebor is a green absinth, and is made in the chec republic, The site says that it does contain wormwood and hase a considerable amount of thujon. Still need to use sugar..

    After purchasing the Kubler, I will not buy the sebor anymore!!

    Kubler is a superior brand of absinth and I dont think there is anything better than this brand available for sale in the US.

  5. I recently went to a bar that carried Kubler. I was reluctant to try it but someone bought me a shot. The taste was surprisingly smooth and flavorful. I immediately noticed my tongue went a little numb. The liquers marketing posters mentioned the chemical thujone that supposedly causes the hallucinations and mentioned that it is has been legalized in the America. I hope the next time i visit a local liquor store I will be able to purchase a bottle event though the bartender claimed that they were the only establishment in town to sell it.

  6. how do I contact you to order for a resturante? We had used youngs
    Market.they told is they do not carry your product any more??

  7. Ive just bought the kubler brand as soon as the ban was lifted, less expensive then the lucid, it was a very nice expierence. though the girls didnt like the taste, i tought it was smoothe.

  8. I recently saw Kubler Absinthe in a bar in Philadelphia, but was very skeptical of its nature. Is this the real thing? Nowhere on the bottle does it say anything about wormwood or even thujone…I am just beginning to research absinthe in general so i must admit i am a bit underinformed…

    Just looking for some help…

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