Another American Absinthe?

Czech Absinth

Czech with Absinth

An absinthe which launches itself with an attack – why bother?

According to reports there is yet another American absinthe, following lucid absinthe coming to the US market, the brainchild of a anonymous Washington state resident – called Marteau Verte Classique.

According to the source above : “experimentation was done under a full moon, with a single hidden still, until the desired effect was achieved”

Full moon, or full of b..baloney….we’ll have to wait and see. The reviewer certainly seems keen:

my taste buds were enveloped with a strong minty wormwood flavor, with anise playing a back-up roll followed by a nice long fennel finish. Every sip seemed to coax out a different nuance out of this herbaceous beauty. If the Czechs would have produced an absinthe 1/50th as good as this one, the absinthe revolution would be at a full-steam roar right now, instead of in its infancy.

Herbaceous beauty! We can at least enjoy the purple prose, before we enjoy the Marteau Verte 🙂

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