Absente Absinthe


Absente is made with petite wormwood, and has no thujone content. The brand is available for sale in the United States just like the other new no thujone absinthe called Lucid. Absente has a great taste, but some say that as the US brands like Absente and Lucid have no thujone… then there’s no green fairy (fee verte). Enjoy the taste!

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Lucid Absinthe


A new absinthe called Lucid has been produced by a corporation based in New York. Details are sketchy, but here is what we know so far:

Called Lucid Absinthe Superieure, it’s made from a recipe including Artemisia absinthium, but tests thujone free.

Release date is late May, initially in New York and LA. I spoke to Ted earlier today, and he’s very confident both in the quality of the product, and in his ability to continue producing it with no measurable level of thujone (Source: Oxygenee Blog)

Whether Lucid absinthe has any thujone content is a major issue in the absinthe community. According to Dr Niels Arnold of the University of Kansas pre-ban absinthe had about 260mg/l of thujone.

Thesedays the highest you can find is about 100mg in a natural verte called Century Absinthe – although many mass market modern copies have none at all 😦 Seems that many absinthe drinkers are not hearing the symphony that absinthe drinkers enjoyed in the 19th century, but are just looking at the record label! The debate rages on the web forums and amongst absintheurs.

The issue of thujone in Lucid is also discussed here:


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