Apsinthion – Polish Absinthe

Polish Absinthe

Apsinthion Grand De Luxe is a handmade absinthe produced by the Toorank Distillery at Jasienica, in Poland. This absinthe uses a combination of “wormwood, coriander and peppermint herb distillate“. The herbs are collected from the Wisla mountain and the factors of altitude, air and abundant water make the herbs of excellent quality. It is also said that the formula for this absinthe is based upon a recipe from a captured French soldier taken to Poland in the early part of the 19th century.

The thujone content is noted at a rather high 30mg. This is one of the highest levels of thujone – apart from the Czech absinth brands like Absinth 35 (35mg) and King of Spirits Gold (100mg – and not for sale in the European Union). Apsonthion Grand De Luxe delivers a quality louche.

Polish Absinthe

Absynt Bar at Ul. Miodowa 26, Krakow, Poland

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