Century Absinthe 100mg Thujone

100mg Thujone

This one is rare, very rare. It’s a handcrafted artisanal verte (green) absinthe with a difference – 100mg thujone.

Most modern day versions of the Green Fairy (la fee verte) offer nothing by comparison. The talent that is required to transform the noble herb – artemisia absinthium or wormwood – into this kind of sublime green power is largely lost.

Thankfully the talent still exists in some places, and I was lucky enough to be given a glass or two by an serious absinthe collector over the weekend.

I am sorry to say that Century Absinth is no longer available, and the limited numer of bottles that do still exist are highly prized.

One glass was not enough – an amazing wormwood bite without any teasing – this absinth is about wormwood, and there is no mistake. If you want to add sugar, via an absinthe spoon, you can – but for me this was an epiphany, a revelation as to why the great poets and painters praised wormwood:

Come, the Wines go to the beaches,
And the waves by the millions!
See the wild Bitter
Rolling from the top of the mountains!
Let us, wise pilgrims, reach
The Absinthe with the green pillars.

Arthur Rimbaud

If you want the real deal, and you are lucky enough to be able to get hold of a glass, drink deep, this is the purest and most sublime form of absinth wormwood that you’ll ever find.

Marks out of 10? 100..as in 100mg thujone 🙂

Update: Thanks to pressure from a group of absinthe drinkers who like their abinth green (verte) with an icey louche…and of course real thujone, the Green Fairy (La Fee Verte) has wings again 🙂 http://www.centuryabsinthe.com/ Complex rounded wormwood with a backnote of anise and other floral songs dancing in the glass. Louche with iced water (or crushed ice is better) to release the natural herbal flavours and power of this absinthe. As the ice melts you’ll see a ghostly dance in the glass, known as a louche. Comments and opinions please below.

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